Mining Crushing And Screening Plant From Dragon Machinery

Dragon Crushing And Screening Plant


  • Prix: 86 750 000 FCFA (Prix fixe)
  • Région: Centre
  • Ville: Ambala
  • Lieu: - izmir torbal?
  • Date: 17 déc. 2018
  • Catégorie: Vehicules utilitaires - Vehicules
  • État du produit: Nouveau

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Mobile Primary Crushing And Screening Plant,Dragon 6000

The Dragon 6000 primary crushing screening system is all collected in one platform and can be transported by a truck. The Dragon is specially designed by the R&D group to be installed within a short time. The work that the classical primary crusher can do can be done by itself. At present we are one of the most preferred machines in the world and Turkey market. They are the most suitable crushers for breaking hard materials such as basalt and granite, as well as materials from iron ore, chrome or quartz.

Existing machinery and equipment in the system ;

*Vibrating Feeder and Hopper
The feeder system is operating with  2 vibromotors ( Italian Brand Oli  ) which leads to  low maintenance and trouble-free operations.
The feeder  is suitable for feeding with Excavator and Loader and can be feed as well  with truck with an additional hopper.
All wear points in the feeder and in the hopper are protected by replaceable wear shields. At the points where wear may occur, wear arms are bolted and can be easily replaced.
The additional hopper can be opened and closed by the hydraulic system. This allows easy assembly and disassembly.
The feeding tray has a screening system. In this screening  system there is a zig zag type grill system which can eliminate the large materials easily .
By-pass conveyor allows sifted and thin materials  to be stocked in the stock area , or it can send this materials directly  to the main band by a clapper groove. Thanks to this clapper groove, the mine can be transported to the stock area without entering the stone crusher, or the main band can be feed. This is a factor that increases the capacity.

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  • Marque: Dragon Machinery

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