Why need Steroids?


  • Prix: 6 516 FCFA (Gratuit)
  • Région: Centre
  • Ville: Chino
  • Lieu: - guangzhouyuexiu
  • Date: 4 mai 2018
  • Catégorie: Locations - Immobillier
  • État du produit: Nouveau

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1.Increased Muscle Mass / Weight - Steroids increase nitrogen level in the body, thereby producing proteins that help in the production of muscles.
2.Reduced Body Fat - Steroids speed up the metabolism of the body, which helps in reducing the accumulated fat.
3.Improve physical appearance
4.Increased Sex Drive - People who intake steroids have been noted to experience an increase in their sex drive.

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  • Type: Terrain
  • Surface: 120.0 m2
  • Nombre de chambres: 2

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Pseudo: puyelin


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