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  • Prix: 567 FCFA (Prix fixe)
  • Région: Centre
  • Ville: California
  • Lieu: San jose - 80809, San Jose California
  • Date: 4 janv. 2017
  • Catégorie: Offres d'emploi - Emplois
  • État du produit: Nouveau

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Our last announcement stated that, our Organisation seeks workers of good quality degree for a new running year working program. We seek workers age from 27-49years in the domain of health and medical facilities, human resources personnel, transport drivers, translation services and kitchen chiefs. We seek people who are ready to travel and work here in USA. We take care of your stay here, your feeding and much more other facilities. For more informations, contact us with your CV.
This announcement is posted by the USA embassy in any country. We reposting this announcement because so many people never knew of what we intended. this announcement is specifically for South Americans, Africans and Asia. please read the advert good before applying. All those who lastly forwarded their applications to us has been cancelled. If you are eligible and you reside in any of the continents written above, then you can contact us once more.
thanks UN Job Manangement. we are sorry for any inconveiniences.

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Jobs ID: 681

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Pseudo: Pebbles

Telephone: +18508003705

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