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  • Date: 30 sept. 2018
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A lot of Nigerians are really

backward-minded.The moment they

hear “occult”, their minds just go

to what they watched on their lame

home videos, cheap soft sell

religious books and constant

brainwashing from their pastors.

They are the same people who run to

babalawo when church doesn’t seem

to be “helping” and they will come

here pretending to be “holy of


Do you know how many occultic

orders there are in the Catholic

church? A lot of the

orders/fraternities/occults you see

today have deep foundations in the

church and there is no bishop or

pope that doesn’t belong to at

least 3 orders. Someone here used

Jay-Z and Beyonce as an example.How

lame! Even if they belong to

occult, have they affected your

life negatively? For your

information (if you don’t know)

everything about your life as you

know it today is connected to an

order (directly or indirectly).

It’s all around you e.g the pyramid

symbol with the eye of “Ra” on the

dollar bill, the eye of “Ra” on

CBS,Fox TV,Texaco,LG electronics

logo. . .the list is endless.

Occult is NOT about the N200,000

budget home videos you watch where

they act up dumb scripts of some

Joneses who drink blood and make

money over night.
we are here to lead you if you

wish, your destiny is your hands

you can take a move now.


CALL +2348056921219 or Email us

Life is a game. Money is how we
keep scores. Money speaks sense in

language all nations understand.
If you would know the value of
money, go and try to borrow
some; for he that goes a
borrowing goes a sorrowing.

Unfortunately, the Christian Church

has prevented much
in the way of freedom of
the press and free speech,
especially for those of the
left hand path over the years.
our family is a major threat to

many who wish to
retain control, riches and power
as for
our family this riches
and power is in the hands of
the common man/woman. Occult has

deliberately suppressed and

followers have been
severely persecuted. Some
religions have been free to
promote their own lies and horror

stories about occult. For those of

you who were
raised in Christian homes, or
were atheists, this intensity
of spirituality may be believing
there is no other way to sucess

accept christianity, but that is a

big liar. believe me Red
Brotherhood lead to sucess without

human sacrifice. Most right
hand path religions are
based upon stolen and false
As to those
Christians who pray and keep

praying with no answers, Red family

get blatant
answers and I
don’t mean twenty years later,
but instantly! Making wealth is

guaranteed for
the people of the world.



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