Take part in a game on YouTube where you can win money


  • Prix: 500 000 FCFA (Prix fixe)
  • Région: Centre
  • Ville: Yuandé
  • Lieu:
  • Date: 2 oct. 2017
  • Catégorie: Offres d'emploi - Emplois
  • État du produit: Non spécifié

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Here is presented an easy and fantastic game where you don't have to invest anything to participate. Participation is absolutely free.

A film will be produced on a very very special topic. We expect to get a feedback from people to be able to know if our production is interesting or not. Therefore, Your participation is required to go and see this film, to give a feedback and to correct what you would have done better, what you liked or not.

Prices of 1000€, 500€, 100€ will be given to the first, second and third people who given a very interesting feedback. The following 5 people will get 20€.
The list of the winners and the proof of the payment will be presented on the Internet.

This film is not yet produced, there is a count-down, that will be regularly updated, on our facebook page "Gaias voice".Everyone will have the same possibility to react the day of the publication.


No registration fee. There's nothing you can lose.

We will classify the best and quickest feedbacks and a week later we will publish the list of the winners. Then, if you are one of the winners, you'll have to contact us to indicate the best way to pay you.

We wish you the best luck and the best inspiration to win this game.

There is a second film planned that will be seriously influenced by your feedbacks. For this one there are 1700€  meant to be given as part of our expenses for our second film, that we want even better than the first one. This is why we do this game and we are very serious with it.  

Once you are a winner we will contact you directly behind your answer on our channel to get your references and to be able to pay you.  

If you are able to produce a film, don't hesitate to contact us and propose a better protocol for the second film. Regarding who you are and what you propose you could take part in our second production.

Good luck to everyone!


RELEASE DATE: FRIDAY 13th OCTOBER, 8:00pm (Europe's time)

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Pseudo: Johnanunci


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